Sonatype Repository Now Straddles Java and .NET

Sonatype has extended the use of its Nexus repository manager to .NET developers this month. Now compliant with both Java components and Microsoft platform code blocks, the company hopes to win new appeal among programming shops operating heterogeneous development environments. more
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Sonatype Java Repository Now Accepts .NET Components

Sonatype today released a new version of its Maven-based component repository that supports software developers using the .NET Framework. Version 2.0 of Sonatype's Nexus Professional, a widely used repository manager for Java components, adds support for.NET developers who want to store and manage their components in a repository. more

Actionable Control For Open Source Components

Sonatype has released the Nexus Professional 2.0 open-source repository manager. The new iteration now includes more "actionable" information about the open-source components used in any development project. more
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Nexus 2.0 Released

Today, Sonatype released Nexus 2.0, a significant upgrade to their namesake repository software and the engine behind the Central. more
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John Backus, Wayne Jackson and CIT GAP Funds Honored as Winners of the Entrepreneur Navigator Awards

The Entrepreneur Center @NVTC announced the 2012 winners of the Entrepreneur Navigator Awards at a reception on Thursday, February 2, at the Tower Club in Tysons Corner, Va. The Navigator Awards recognize individuals and organizations whose commitments of time, experience, intellectual capital and personal effort have improved the quality of the entrepreneur community or have led to the success of a startup or entrepreneur. more
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What’s in Store for 2012: A Few Predictions

The cost of delaying my 2012 predictions is that one has already come to pass. Nginx – the web server now powering all of the properties – passed IIS according a January 4 Netcraft release. Read more: more
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Sonatype Brings Java .Net Projects into the Central Repository

It's natural for open source projects to build upon the work done by other open source projects. Sonatype is facilitating the availability of components from's large open source project base, by bringing project artifacts into the Central Repository, a leading source for open source Java components. more
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Sonatype Insight: Data as the Product

Sonatype Insight: Data as the Product Sonatype Insight Heatmap There is no shortage of evidence concerning the value of data, generally. From predicting the flu to the outcome of elections (PDF) to the best practices for dating websites, it’s obvious that knowledge really is power. What’s been lacking, at least according to the conventional wisdom, has been proof points of data being a direct source of revenue. Read more: more
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Top 10 Tips for Improving Your Open Source Software Governance

Gartner estimates that by 2013, 90 percent of Global 2000 enterprises will include open source software (OSS) as business critical elements of their IT portfolios -- and by 2016, that number will increase to 99 percent. It makes sense that open source use is on the rise. Java developers already know that open source offers unmatched flexibility, the power to control and easily modify code and optimize performance. The bottom line: Using open source components for software development improves an organization's ability to deliver higher quality software faster at lower cost. more
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IT inferno: The nine circles of IT hell

Spend enough time in the tech industry, and you'll eventually find yourself in IT hell -- one not unlike the underworld described by Dante in his "Divine Comedy." But here, in the data centers, conference rooms, and cubicles, the IT version of this inferno is no allegory. It is a very real test of every IT pro's sanity and soul. more
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Sonatype Leverages Open Source Java Repository

Sonatype this week launched a new suite of products and services designed to help companies better manage their usage of open source Java components. Called Sonatype Insight, it leverages the open-source Maven Central Repository, which the company administers, to generate actionable intelligence about open-source-software usage at any stage of the app-dev process. more
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Sonatype Offers Insight Into Enterprise Open Source Usage

Sonatype, the main company which drives Maven development, has joined a growing list of companies which aim to help organisations understand and audit their open source software usage, with the announcement of the Sonatype Insight software suite. more
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Sonatype Shows Some (Component) Integrity

Hitting the global software tools marketplace this week is Sonatype Insight, a new suite described as a combination of both "software products and information services" for ensuring the integrity of open-source components in the software supply chain. more
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Open Source ROI with Less Risk

It's a scenario with which many Java developers are all too familiar - and one which many fear. You log on to the network or arrive at the office to discover your Chief Security or Compliance Officer, Application Manager or even a VP of Sales and Marketing in a state of panic. A commonly used open source component has a serious security vulnerability that may expose your client-facing applications to attack. Even worse, the flaw was identified a few weeks ago, but your organization has just heard about it. more
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Sonatype offers insight into enterprise open-source usage

Gartner estimates that 99% of companies will be using open-source software components in their software packages by 2015, and it is because of this that Mark Driver, research vice president for Gartner, believes enterprise organizations need to understand what risks exist and how to mitigate them. more
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Java Component Repository Adds JBoss Community Projects

Another family of Java components will soon be available from the open source Maven Central Repository. Sonatype, the chief commercial supporter of Maven and administrator of the repository, has added Red Hat's JBoss Community project artifacts to the growing list of components assembled there. more


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