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Venture capital deals

Sonatype, a Silver Spring, Md.-based provider of component lifecycle management solutions, has raised $25 million in new VC funding. more
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The Software Development Superfecta

In this new category, the editors of SD Times recognize that the way development is done today has changed from how software was created only a decade ago. more

Sonatype Adds Build Time Plugin for Hudson and Jenkins

Sonatype on Wednesday unveiled a new continuous integration (CI) component for its evolving Insight tool suite. Dubbed Insight for CI, the component is essentially a plugin for the Hudson and Jenkins CI servers designed to allow software developers to surface quality, security and licensing problems at build time. more
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Sonatype delivers component intelligence at build time with Insight for CI

Sonatype, the leader in component lifecycle management, today announced the availability of Sonatype Insight for Continuous Integration (CI), the company's latest addition to its Insight line of intelligent tools for component-based software development. With Insight for CI, software developers can surface quality, security, and licensing problems and enforce open-source policy at build time, before fixes become costly and time consuming. Insight for CI supports agile development processes with analysis of every component in every build, alerting developers immediately of any changes or policy violations that put their project at risk. more

Mitigating the Risk of OSS-based Development

If an organization is developing custom software, the odds are extremely high that open-source components are being used as building blocks for the organization’s applications. However, while open-source technology offers significant benefits, using open-source components carries technical and business risks that cannot be ignored.

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Getting Open Source Under Control

As IT organizations have come to depend on open source software more than ever in the wake of the recent downturn, it’s clear that managing open source software is becoming increasingly challenging. more
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Open Source Application Development Breaks on Through

As of this year, a majority of companies are standardizing on open source software (OSS) for software development, according to Sonatype Inc., developer of Nexus, a repository manager for the Apache Maven build automation tool. In April, the firm published the results of its 2012 Open Source Software Development Survey. more
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As open-source adoption grows, so do security risks

Open-source adoption is growing, but with that growth comes greater risk, according to several leading companies that supply open-source licensing and maintenance software. Some open-source applications have been updated for years to account for new security threats, but companies, for various reasons, have not internally updated their software stacks, leaving them vulnerable. more
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Confirmed: Too Many Open Source Projects Remain Arbitrary Mashups

One benefit many developers perceive from working with a proprietary platform is that its components are generally updated and deployed according to a single agenda. (Sometimes that agenda is so slow that this fact becomes undeniable.) By contrast, the tremendous pace of open source development can be overwhelming for some. more
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Open Source Software Popularity Is Skyrocketing

The next stage in technology will result from collaboration, not competition, according to many who support the concepts behind the open source movement. Once the purview of IT outliers, open source has now infiltrated just about every aspect of technology and according to a recent survey, is driving the innovation that will define tomorrow's business applications. more
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Open source is driving business app dev: survey

Hardly a month goes by without some fresh evidence of the growing popularity of open source software, and perhaps one of the best examples in recent weeks has been Microsoft's creation of its new Open Technologies division. more
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Enterprises Standardize on Open-Source Use, but Governance Issues Persist: Sonatype

Organizations of all sizes continue to adopt open-source platforms and applications at an accelerated pace, but lack of internal controls and flawed processes continue to be a challenge—putting organizations at unnecessary risk, according to a survey by software developer Sonatype of more than 2,500 developers, architects and IT managers across several industries, sizes and locations. more
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Open source is driving business app development

Hardly a month goes by without some fresh evidence of the growing popularity of open source software, and perhaps one of the best examples in recent weeks has been Microsoft's creation of its new Open Technologies division. more
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Sonatype's Open Source Boost To Software Productivity

It seems like a contradiction in terms — open source software is by definition created for free by coders who want to make a name for themselves writing components that organizations use at no charge. So how could one company come to dominate a world where the product is made and bought for free? more
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Only 20% of corporate OSS users manage components

Only about 20 percent of companies using open source components have lock down controls and fewer than 50 percent have corporate policies in place to manage component usage, according to a study of 2500 developers released by component repository vendor Sonatype more
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Open Source: The Good, Bad and Ugly — Studies in Two Extremes

When top-class Open Source tools and applications (think software like Linux, Apache Web Server, PostgresSQL and PHP) went head to head against similar proprietary software, a recent survey found that Open Source bested or equaled the quality of their proprietary cousins. The Open Source community hailed these findings from Gartner and Coverity. more


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