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Oracle Donates Open Source Hudson To Eclipse Foundation

Oracle is donating the Hudson open source code that came with Sun Microsystems to the Eclipse Foundation Wednesday. Hudson stirred up controversy in late January when the project's founder declared that it should be forked to create a branch free of Oracle's control. more
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Oracle Donates Hudson Project to Eclipse

In an effort to promote stability and improve governance of the Hudson open-source java continuous integration server, Oracle has proposed to donate Hudson to the Eclipse Foundation. more
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How should enterprises navigate forks in the Hudson

A South Jersey neighbor of ours — runner, educator, and open source mischief maker Bob Bickel – recently blogged a status report on what’s been going on with the Jenkins open source project ever since it split off from Hudson. more
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Jason van Zyl on the benefits of open source

In this video interview, Jason van Zyl, the creator of Apache Maven, talks about his career in open source, the Eclipse Foundation and the benefits of open source for developers and for the enterprise. more

Enterprise Repository Management

Learn how an enterprise repository manager can reduce development time,
improve quality, enable greater internal collaboration, and reduce risk.

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EclipseCon heralds new day for Java

Mike Milinkovich, director of the Eclipse Foundation, said that Eclipse’s many projects and community efforts are all pushing firmly towards this summer’s Indigo release train for Eclipse version 3.7. In an interview at this week’s EclipseCon (which ends today), he said it will be the most exciting release for Java developers in about five years. more
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Jenkins Defends Split from Oracle's Hudson

After my discussion with Oracle Senior Vice President and Chief Architect Ted Farrell about Oracle’s perceptions of the Hudson/Jenkins split was posted last week, it became apparent that not everyone was entirely willing to let the matter lie. more
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Survey Devs Adopting Open Source, But Management Lacking

Development software and services provider Sonatype earlier this month surveyed more than 1600 developers, architects and managers regarding the deployment and use of open source solutions in the development infrastructure. The survey revealed that dev organizations have widely deployed open source tools and solutions, but with little effective control and management. more
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Governance Issues May Bedevil Open Source Projects

There’s no doubt that open software has been a boon to IT. Without it there would be a lot fewer IT projects to go round because of not only the cost of proprietary commercial software, but also the complexity of acquiring it. more
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The All-in-One Package From Sonatype

A few months ago DZone took a look at Sonatype’s Maven Studio tooling. One of the unique aspects of this open core software was the ability to "on-board" developers extremely fast for a new project. This week, Sonatype unveiled an even more all-inclusive tooling suite called Sonatype Professional. more
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New Tool Suite for Maven-Centric Java Development Released

The leading commercial supporter of the open-source Maven project today released an integrated development suite for Maven-centric Java development. The new Sonatype Professional bundles several popular open source technologies into a single environment, including Apache Maven, for build management; Nexus Professional, for enterprise repository management; Hudson, for continuous integration; and m2eclipse, for visual management of Maven. more
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Software Company Transforms Itself to Try and Transform Its Industry

Sonatype Inc.’s motto is "transforming software development." But first, it is transforming itself. Investors behind the startup just injected nearly $12 million in venture funding into the company, moved its headquarters from Silicon Valley to Silver Spring, Md., hired a new CEO, overhauled its sales staff and added a suite full of new top managers. more
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The Download - Sonatype switched coasts

So long, California. Silicon Valley start-up Sonatype has moved to Silver Spring, and brought along with it $11.6 million from investors and a new chief executive in Wayne Jackson. more
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Sonatype Gets Money and New CEO

Wayne Jackson has been named the new CEO of Sonatype, a company founded on the open source Apache Maven project. Jason Van Zyl, the creator of Maven and Founder of Sonatype will remain CTO. Sonatype also received a total of $11.6 million in funding from various VCs. more
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Silicon Valley startup Sonatype moves to Maryland

Wayne Jackson — who successfully took network security company Sourcefire Inc. public three years ago — is taking the helm of Silicon Valley transplant Sonatype Inc., opening a new headquarters in Silver Spring and unveiling $11.6 million in venture funding. more


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