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Three-fourths of organizations lack app component policy

Infosecurity Magazine

Published: May 01, 2013 08:00

When it comes to developing applications, open-source component use continues to skyrocket. And like operating systems or databases, open-source components represent a rich attack vector for hackers to exploit given their commonality across organizations and applications.

Nearly 80% of the apps that developers are creating are relying on open-source components, in fact. Unfortunately, organizations continue to struggle with establishing policy to secure and govern component use. According to the survey, 76% of organizations have no component management policies in place at all – representing a potentially huge security hole.

The lack of internal controls and a failure to address security vulnerabilities throughout the software development lifecycle threatens the integrity of the software supply chain and exposes organizations to massive, unmanaged risk, according to Sonatype’s third-annual Open Source Software Development survey.

It reveals that organizations are exposed to significant risks caused by their increasing reliance on open-source components. Sonatype said that component flaws are exceedingly common -- more than 70% of applications contain components with known security flaws classified as severe or critical. Everything from Big Data, to cloud and mobile applications, are exposed to unmanaged risk.

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