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Sonatype Streamlines Software Development with Sonatype Professional

Silver Spring, MD

Published: December 01, 2010 08:00

Sonatype, the company that is transforming software development, today announced the launch of Sonatype Professional, an integrated development suite for Maven-centric Java development. Sonatype Professional integrates and enhances a range of popular open source technologies to streamline Java software development. In addition to expert support, Sonatype Professional integrates and enhances the most widely used Java development infrastructure technologies, including:

  • Apache Maven - For build management
  • Nexus Professional - For enterprise repository management
  • Hudson - For continuous integration
  • m2eclipse - For visual management of Maven

"Development teams often struggle to achieve the full promise of agile methodologies using their current toolsets," said Larry Roshfeld, executive vice president of products at Sonatype. "Open source projects such as Maven and Hudson have emerged to help meet this need, but the cost and complexity of knitting together and managing multiple open source projects is often prohibited. With Sonatype Professional, we’re giving them a better option."

Sonatype Professional is tightly integrated with the Eclipse development environment to streamline builds, artifact search and reuse, defect detection, and bug fixes. From within Eclipse, users can:

  • Visually manage Maven
  • Browse and search Nexus repositories
  • Submit Hudson continuous integration jobs
  • Receive real-time build and continuous integration alerts
  • Jump quickly to broken code

Sonatype Professional is also integrated with Maven Central, providing users with access to a comprehensive repository or software components. Maven Central is the industry’s principal resource for the exchange of Java artifacts. Each month Maven Central receives nearly 300 million hits from more than 41,000 organizations (including 78 or the Global 100).

Sonatype Professional includes Nexus Professional, the industry leading repository manager that helps companies acquire, manage, and report on software artifacts in their software development projects. Nexus Professional also reduces license and compliance risk, enabling development organizations to allow only the use of authorized components that comply with internal policies and regulations.

To speed the process of getting teams productive on new projects, Sonatype Professional includes unique developer onboarding functionality. Using this feature, developers can constitute a full Eclipse environment including: Eclipse, plug-ins, source code branches, and continuous integration jobs. This dramatically reduces setup time for developers working on new projects, joining new teams, or working to remediate defects in production software.

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