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Sonatype Provides Component Intelligence at Build Time with Insight for CI


Published: May 23, 2012 09:58

A company focused on component lifecycle management, Sonatype today unveiled Sonatype Insight for Continuous Integration (CI), the company's latest addition to its Insight line of intelligent tools for component-based software development.

When components are inappropriately licensed for your project, have known security vulnerabilities or otherwise violate the policies, the user can select to be warned or to fail builds. They can also identify problems and enforce open source policy at build time, before fixes become expensive. Insight for CI helps the customers find and fix license, security and quality problems quickly.

Allowing companies to capture the value of open source without the risk, the Sonatype Insight suite of information services and intelligent tools offers unique visibility and control over component quality, security and licensing, according to company officials.

Development companies have turned to Sonatype for able mechanisms to strategically manage the growing number of software components they depend upon, as modern software applications have grown from custom code to binary assembly.

“The market has moved to agile development and continuous integration to reduce delivery cycles, but this demands having the right information at the right time," said Jason van Zyl, CTO and founder of Sonatype. "Insight for CI gives developers the quality, security and licensing information they need, when they need it -- at build time.”

Recently, the company released findings of its annual Open Source ( News - Alert) Software Development Survey, which identified how companies adopt, use and support open-source software (OSS). The survey involved polling more than 2,500 developers, architects and IT managers across all industries, company sizes and geographic regions. The survey states that companies of all sizes continue to adopt open-source at an accelerated pace, but lack of internal controls and flawed processes continue to be a challenge, putting organizations at unnecessary risk.

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