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Sonatype Joins Eclipse Foundation as Strategic Developer with Seat on Board of Directors

Palo Alto, CA

Published: July 15, 2008 08:00

Sonatype, the leader in Java development infrastructure, today announced that they have joined the Eclipse Foundation as a Strategic Developer. Sonatype will now have a seat on the Board of Directors and on the Eclipse Planning and Architecture council. Additionally, Sonatype has pledged to commit at least eight of their developers full-time to developing Eclipse technology.

“We’re very pleased to welcome Sonatype onto the board of the Eclipse Foundation as a strategic member,” said Mike Milinkovich, executive director of the Eclipse Foundation. “Sonatype has demonstrated their commitment to the open source community, and we look forward to working closely with them to integrate the Maven and Eclipse open source communities and provide a strong environment for Java development.”

Sonatype was founded by the team behind Maven, the most popular open source Java build and release framework and repository, with over 2 million downloads and deep penetration of the Fortune 2,000. The company is dedicated to easing the pain of Java software development by offering support and tools around Maven that increase compatibility, ease dependency tracking and reduce barriers between development environments.

“Sonatype shares the Eclipse Foundation’s goal of providing and promoting top notch open source solutions to developers, and we look forward to working with the Eclipse Foundation closely,” said Jason van Zyl, founder and CTO of Sonatype. “In our role as a Strategic Developer, we are committed to bringing together the technology and communities of Eclipse and Maven, which are very complementary. We’re very enthusiastic about the prospects for combining the power and scale of Maven with the usability and speed of Eclipse.”

Sonatype will be joining the group of current strategic members of the Eclipse Foundation, which include companies such as Oracle, CA and Borland. As an Eclipse Strategic Developer, Sonatype will lead the m2eclipse technology project, an Eclipse plugin that enables Maven support in Eclipse and Eclipse support in Maven. The project eases the pain of Java software developers using Maven projects, Eclipse plug-in developers using Maven tool support, and build engineers using Maven build support, as part of Sonatype’s efforts to bridge the communities of Maven and Eclipse.

“As an organization dedicated to helping meet developer needs, we welcome companies like Sonatype that encourage integration and collaboration,“ said James Ward, Technical Evangelist for Adobe Flex and long-time Maven user. “The open source software development community can only benefit as Sonatype begins working more tightly with the Eclipse Foundation."