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Sonatype Introduces Sonatype Nexus Professional, the First Maven Repository Manager for Commercial Software Development Teams

Palo Alto, CA

Published: January 15, 2009 08:00

Sonatype, the Maven Company, today announced the availability of Nexus Professional, a new version of Nexus, their popular open source Maven repository manager. Nexus Professional has a superset of features that is aimed at commercial Maven users. Among these are advanced security options, authentication support, procurement management and staging and promotion capabilities, giving software development teams full control over the software components and external dependencies that are involved in the software development cycle.

“Large software development organizations need to have efficient, standardized build and release management systems in place to be productive. Ad hoc solutions don’t scale, are brittle, and often require thousands of man hours per year to maintain,” said Mark de Visser, CEO of Sonatype. “Managing component repositories is a crucial piece of the puzzle, and Sonatype has created Nexus Professional with a feature set tailored for software projects that place a premium on quality and agility, and want tight control over the integrity of the software components used during development.”

The superset of features found in Nexus Professional address staging, procurement and Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) authentication.

  • Staging allows an organization to create a staging repository and to manage artifact promotion from the staging repository to a release repository, providing an organization with a workflow for managing software releases.
  • Procurement provides an organization with control over what artifacts are allowed into a repository from both external and internal sources, or proxy repositories such as the Central Maven Repository, providing an additional level of security and management for mission critical code.
  • Nexus Professional adds an LDAP Authentication realm that adds the capability to authenticate users against an LDAP server, map Nexus roles to LDAP groups, and augment LDAP group membership with Nexus-specific user-role mapping.

Additionally, Nexus Professional will retain every feature offered in the popular open source version, including:

  • Rich UI allowing full management of repositories, including artifact deletion and uploading artifacts directly.
  • Fully customizable Role-based Access Control system for fine-grained access control for all Nexus resources and actions.
  • Open, REST-based service architecture facilitating custom integration patterns through UI customizations or scripting with examples in Ruby, Python and Groovy.
  • Full indexing and searching, including searching proxied repositories.

“We have adopted Maven for all our software development projects and have started using Nexus to better support our development processes,” said Chris Maki, Principal Software Engineer at “The support for promotion and procurement workflows in Nexus Professional has given us a robust set of additional features that make it easier for us to maintain consistency between our development, testing and production environments.”

Nexus Professional is available today and priced at $2,995 per server per year. More information about Nexus and Nexus Professional can be found at For additional documentation on Nexus and Maven, Maven: The Definive Guide is freely available through the Sonatype website at