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Sonatype Delivers Nexus 1.0 for Out-of-the-Box Maven Repository Management

Palo Alto, CA

Published: August 26, 2008 08:00

Sonatype, the leader in Java development infrastructure, today announced the availability of Nexus 1.0, their powerful Maven repository manager. Java developers will now be able to manage both their internal repositories and access external repositories seamlessly and quickly.

With over 50,000 main artifacts, Maven’s Central Repository is the largest binary artifact repository in the world as well as the largest publicly available collection of project metadata. The repository averages 100 million hits a month and Maven has achieved deep penetration of the Global 2000. Created by Sonatype, the company behind the Maven Central Repository, Nexus is the first repository manager to allow developers to fully harness the Maven Central Repository while providing comprehensive management features for both internal repositories and other external Maven repositories.

"The power and flexibility of Nexus helps organizations simplify and speed their repository management," said Bruce Snyder, Principal Consultant at Jailey Solutions and co-founder of the Apache Geronimo project. "The ability to easily access project metadata, track dependencies and integrate with IDEs will help keep their builds robust."

The open source version of the product will remain freely available from Sonatype. Sonatype will also make available a commercial version of the product with features tailored to enterprise development environments and repositories, as well as enterprise-level support and services.

"Sonatype developed Nexus as a direct response to requests from the Java developer community", said Jason van Zyl, founder and CTO of Sonatype. "With Maven adoption skyrocketing, there was a critical need for a comprehensive repository manager that would allow sophisticated management of internal and external repositories while tapping the power of the Maven Central Repository. Nexus 1.0 delivers this in spades."

Compared to other repository managers, Nexus requires a small memory footprint, runs out of the box with no database required and can be fully integrated with Eclipse to provide a rich development environment. Other features include:

  • Rich UI allowing full management of repositories and contents, including deleting artifacts and uploading artifacts directly
  • Full REST APIs
  • Repository RSS feeds for recently deployed and cached artifacts and RSS Feeds of new artifacts, system changes, etc.
  • Full indexing and searching, including searching proxied repositories
  • Advanced Repository Proxying and Hosting, including:
    • On-the-fly repository metadata correction
    • Artifact request optimization based on groupId or artifactId
    • Creation of logical groups of proxied, or hosted repositories accessible via a unified URL

More information about Nexus can be found on Sonatype’s website at Nexus 1.0 is freely available for download at