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Sonatype Contributes Intuitive Search Capability to Maven Central

Silver Spring, MD

Published: February 08, 2011 08:00

Sonatype, the company that is transforming software development, today announced that it has added real-time search for Maven Central, enabling developers to quickly find and inspect the components they use in their applications.

Maven Central, a free service hosted by Sonatype, has rapidly become the industry’s primary cloud-based repository for exchanging Java software components. Maven Central houses more than 130,000 components and each month, receives millions of hits from hundreds of thousands of corporate software developers. With more than half of the Global 2000 relying on Maven Central, and some organizations requesting more than100,000 component downloads each month, the service has become a critical part of the Java software ecosystem.

Sonatype’s new search capability streamlines critical steps in the software development lifecycle by simplifying the process of identifying specific components stored within Maven Central. It also allows developers to understand important details about the components they are using and enables them to more easily:

  • Find and select the latest version of specific component.
  • Fingerprint unknown components to discover exact versions and dependencies.
  • Search classnames, which helps to debug broken applications during development, testing and after they have been promoted to production.

For development organizations, the net result is higher software quality, less project risk, and improved efficiency.

Maven Central search lets users execute basic or advanced component searches, as well as browse directories. The service operates in real time; as soon as an artifact is published to Maven Central, it is available to search.

Sonatype plans additional enhancements to Maven Central in the coming months with new functionality that will help software users better select and manage components. These expanded capabilities will be integrated with Sonatype’s software development infrastructure products, including Sonatype Professional, the company’s recently released integrated development suite.

Maven Central was created in 2005 by Jason van Zyl, as a global destination for Java developers to share artifacts. Over the past six months, Sonatype has accelerated its already substantial investments in Maven Central to improve performance, availability, and user experience for both component contributors and corporate developers. In addition to the new search interface, investments include upgraded site infrastructure, security enhancements, new mirror sites, and usage reporting for component contributors.

"The search capability will be of great value to the Java development community," said Jason van Zyl, Founder and CTO at Sonatype. "Over the coming months, Sonatype will continue to invest in Maven Central to bring new and valuable services to our users. Search is just the beginning."

The new service is available now at