Oracle Pushes Hudson Towards Eclipse

Dr. Dobbs

Published: May 06, 2011 13:01

Oracle has submitted a proposal to the Eclipse Foundation to create a Hudson project in Eclipse and contribute the Java-based Hudson continuous integration tool's core code to that project.

As part of the process, Oracle will transfer the Hudson trademark and the domain name to the Eclipse Foundation. Under the new proposal, Oracle will be the project lead with Sonatype, Tasktop, and VMware as initial contributors.

To help ensure that the proposal is in the best interests of the developer and open-source communities, Oracle says it will solicit feedback from the Hudson community to make sure its opinions are heard before any proposal is finalized.

As an open-source continuous integration server, Hudson is designed to increase developer productivity by coordinating and monitoring executions of repeated jobs — making it, in theory, easier for developers to integrate changes to the project and for users to obtain a fresh build.

"After careful review of the options and talking with many of our customers and partners, we believe that contributing Hudson to the Eclipse Foundation is the best way to ensure its growth and continued success," said Ted Farrell, chief architect and senior vice president, Tools and Middleware, Oracle.

"Hudson has become an important tool for many software developers and is widely used within the Eclipse community," said Mike Milinkovich, executive director of the Eclipse Foundation. "We believe Oracle's proposal to make Hudson an Eclipse project is an important next step in expanding the adoption and usage of Hudson. The Eclipse Foundation provides a vendor-neutral community that allows any company or individual to participate in the community, this makes it possible for any company to commercialize Hudson — we also institute the processes to ensure the production quality and intellectual property due diligence required for large-scale enterprise deployments."