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Keeping Tabs on Open-Source Components

SD Times

Published: April 19, 2013 08:00

It’s not uncommon for a software application today to consist of 80% or more open-source components, which explains enterprises’ growing use of repository managers, solutions that help them govern what open-source components are being used by their developers.

“Modern IT systems are built with a wide range of components and code elements from all over the place,” said Mark Driver, VP at Gartner Research. “It’s very hard to manage the pedigree of these components and manage their risks without tracking and controlling them.”

These days, “The general composition of an application is 80 to 90% third-party, open-source components, and there is a small portion of the application that you write yourself,” said Jason van Zyl, CTO and founder of Sonatype, a provider of the Nexus repository manager. “Open-source developers take their source code, they build, they turn [it] into components and put them in a repository, and then [the components] get consumed inside the organization.”


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