AppSec USA

Event date: November 18, 2013 00:00

What are you doing about the new OWASP risk, A9 – using components with known vulnerabilities? Visit the Sonatype booth #6 at AppSec USA, Nov 20-21st to learn how to reduce your component risk.

Also, see Ryan Berg our Chief Security Officer speak in 2 sessions:

  • 'An Introduction to the Newest Addition to the OWASP Top 10.' – Hear experts break down the new guideline and offer guidance on good component practice
    Thursday, November 21st at 11am.
  • 'Go Fast AND Be Secure: Eliminating Application Risk in the Era of Modern, Component-Based Development' - With 71 percent of today’s applications containing components with known security flaws classified as severe or critical, learn how organizations can eliminate application risk in the era of modern, component based development.
    Thursday, November 21st at 2pm.

We hope to see you!

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